Skin Tag Removal

Skin tags are small, harmless growths of skin that may lie directly on the skin or hang off on a thin stalk. Though skin tags are totally benign, you may want them removed to improve your skin’s appearance. Thanks to the Cutera xeo’s Nd:YAG laser, removal of skin tags is quick and easy.

What are skin tags

What are skin tags?

Also known as cutaneous tags or acrochordons, skin tags are short, flesh-colored growths. Normally, they are just millimeters wide, though in extreme cases, they can grow to half an inch. Skin tags mostly appear over the age of fifty, and about 25 percent of people will eventually get them. They can develop almost anywhere on the body, including the eyelids, neck, armpits, and groin, though they are most common near folds of skin. The friction of skin rubbing together often causes skin tags, so they are more prevalent in people with skin folds, such as the elderly or people who are overweight. It is easy to miss the formation of skin tags, since they can appear in places that are easy to overlook. Once formed, though, they normally don’t increase in size. Factors that increase friction make people more prone to skin tags, including wearing tight clothing, which increases the friction between skin and fabric, and repetitive motion like heavy lifting that activates the same body folds repeatedly.

How are skin tags removed?

Fortunately, skin tags are among the easiest skin conditions to treat. Most can simply be cut off using a scalpel or scissors, though it is highly recommended that you let a doctor handle the procedure. At Woodlands Aesthetic Center, we can remove skin tags through the precision of our Nd:YAG laser, which neatly severs skin tags from the rest of the skin by burning through the connecting tissue. The procedure is totally painless and can be conducted in just a few minutes. There are no side effects or aftereffects, so you can immediately resume normal activities. Skin tags can be numerous and often appear in groups, but this does not present a problem since removing each one takes only a few seconds. Laser treatment will not prevent skin tags from forming, but they can removed quickly and easily each time.

How are skin tags removed

Don’t let skin tags affect your complexion. Schedule a treatment with our Nd:YAG laser, and let us remove skin tags with one painless, comfortable treatment.