Vaginal Revitalization

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Vaginal Revitalization

Vaginal Revitalization services offered in The Woodlands , TX

Just like every other part of your body, your vagina can change after pregnancy, menopause, or the passage of time. Whether the issues are physical, like vaginal dryness, or cosmetic, like wrinkling or shrinking, vaginal revitalization at the office of Woodlands Aesthetics can help. Ashley Cook, WHNP-BC, uses state-of-the-art vaginal revitalization methods to restore function and appearance, along with self-confidence. Call The Woodlands, Texas, office or request a consultation online today.

What is vaginal revitalization?

Vaginal revitalization is a nonsurgical method of restoring your vagina to its youthful function and appearance. As a highly experienced women’s health nurse practitioner Ashley Cook, WHNP-BC, and her team understand just how difficult and frustrating it can be to experience dramatic changes in your most sensitive areas.

They offer in-office vaginal revitalization treatments to help you return to your younger self.

When do I need vaginal revitalization?

If you’re dealing with any of the following issues, vaginal revitalization treatment may help: 

  • Vaginal dryness
  • Loose vagina
  • Vaginal shrinking or wrinkling
  • Irritation, discomfort, or pain during intercourse
  • Burning or itching during intercourse

Vaginal revitalization can also help with urinary incontinence. It’s quite common to experience accidental urine loss as you age, particularly as you head into menopause. Many women also have urinary incontinence after childbirth due to vaginal muscle weakness, but vaginal revitalization can help.

How does vaginal revitalization work?

Vaginal revitalization stimulates the internal formation of new collagen and elastin. The new collagen creates a fresh support matrix within your skin and muscle tissues, while the new elastin triggers a tightening effect. Ultimately, the collagen and elastin strengthen your vagina and alleviates urinary incontinence symptoms.

Collagen also helps fill out wrinkled, stretched, and thin vaginal tissue to bring it back to a younger look and feel. Vaginal revitalization treatment boosts your vaginal blood flow, creates new blood vessels, and improves your natural lubrication.

What does vaginal revitalization feel like?

For most women, vaginal revitalization is a painless procedure. You may experience some warmth or tingling during treatment, but it’s generally very well-tolerated. The Woodlands Aesthetics team performs vaginal revitalization treatments in the office and they can use cooling or numbing products if needed to ensure your comfort during the treatment. 

What happens after vaginal revitalization treatment?

You can usually get right back to your normal routine afterward, but the Woodlands Aesthetics team may recommend abstaining from sex for a few days.

Over the next several weeks, you’ll notice improved sensation and lubrication, along with firmer vaginal tissue. Women suffering from urinary incontinence experience fewer instances and often even overcome accidental urination completely. 

For ideal results, you may need a short vaginal revitalization treatment series. Results are long-lasting, and this treatment gets great reviews from patients.

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